The Things I Do For Love – Themed Lunch Week – Under The Sea Monday

I am exhausted.

It feels like Matt’s been gone forever, and he still won’t be back until Thursday.  It was an early morning again, doing the same thing I do every day Monday thru Friday: getting me ready and getting the girls ready to start our day.

Since everybody is starting the school year this week or the next, I thought it’d be really cute to come up with themed lunches for Mia to take to daycare. So here it is, Mia’s Under The Sea Lunch:

Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?

 This was pretty easy to do. For the “octopus”, I cut 8 slits out of a hot dog for the “tentacles”, then I boiled it until the “tentacles” curled. I was going to dye the buttered parmesan spaghetti blue, but I’m always iffy about adding any preservatives or colorants to my kids’ meals…sooo, I decided not to. I made tiny starfish out of carrots and watermelon starfish with fondant cutters. And of course, no Under the Sea themed lunch would ever be complete without goldfish crackers.

This morning I showed Mia her lunch, her face immediately lit up and she said: “WOW Mami, that is so cute”. I live for moments like this. I had a long day today, a tough workout (yes, I haven’t given up on Insanity…yet) and as tired as I was, I spent about an hour cooking and arranging her lunch for tomorrow. I know I could’ve been watching a movie and drinking wine instead, but that won’t give me the smile I got this morning when she sees her new lunch theme tomorrow:


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