Making Your Baby a Gourmet Baby

I. Love. Food.

 Even when I am already eating, I am fantasizing about my next meal.  I love my food to be fresh, fun, tasty, interesting. So if I am to enjoy my food the way I do, why shouldn’t my baby?

When I was a stay at home mother with Mia, I decided to make all of my baby food.  Yes, I was the paranoid first time mother who would Clorox wipe every surface at the park. So of course, I was even more paranoid not knowing where the food I was feeding my baby was coming from. How long are those baby jars on stock before they’re bought? Why don’t they go bad? Why are they so…colorless?

This is when my steamer, blender,  ice-cube trays and I embarked on an organic homemade baby food adventure.  I started with simply steaming and pureeing fruit or vegetables with breast milk. Then I graduated into roasting the food, or mixing different flavors and adding interesting spices to add a little…oomph.

My First Batch of Baby Food back in 2008

It’s so easy to make and it’s really the best food you can offer your baby. If you’re cheap like me, you’ll also be saving a ton of money.  Not to mention, you’re training your child to have a very refined taste. In no time you’ll be like me, and you’ll have a tiny tot asking you for prosciutto on a toasted garlic bagel.

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